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Nirvana - All Apologies


    Nirvana - All Apologies

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    No religion,
    I’m just so explicit,
    I coexist in places you would never know existed.
    — Ab-Soul (via tweakedcreative)
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    reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you.



    Be honest!

    Please do

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    One serious looking girl.

    One serious looking girl.

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    Anonymous said: Why do you close your eyes when we make love?

    Why do you scream some else’s name?

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    Based on The tiny book of tiny stories by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  11. Anonymous said: Any chance of cleavey selfies again???

    Probably. Happens on its own.

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    If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?

    Kendrick Lamar

    This line encapsulates the concept of a good kid in a bad city, and it cuts into one of the most moral questions in human existence: Can good come from evil? The best part about the line, as is true of the best poetry, is that it doesn’t answer the question it asks. For Kendrick’s immediate purposes, he’s the flower and the city is the dark room. The question is: Can you trust him?

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